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How To Add Certificates In Java Mobiles

How to Install Nokia S40 Security Certificate
Series 40 is a software platform and application user interface (UI)software on Nokia's broad range of mid tier mobile phones. It is theworld's most widely used mobile phone platform and found in hundreds of millions of devices.
Series 40 is a simpler operating system variant than the higher end S60 (which is based on the multi-tasking Symbian OS ). Because S40 devices do not support true multi-tasking and do not have a native code API for third parties, its user interface may appear to be more responsive and faster than other Nokia platforms. While Series 60 can run more applications and is recognized as"Symbian" more so than the simplistic Series 40, Series 40 does not have support for Symbian apps—rather, Series 40 runs Java ME applications such as FileExplorer (which allows the user to managefiles and folders on their phone), but these java applications keep on asking for permissions on every single operation, which makes things fussy. Here we'll show you how to get rid of this fuss..
Authority Certificates Location

Series 40 Authority Certificates Lacated in Menu > Settings > Security Settings > Authority Certificates >

Why this Certificates ?
you cant install any Java Application (Midlet) if this Authority Certificates is missing or deleted form phone.sometime we face problem after flashing phone.many customers complain that Opera Mini cant install Show" No valid certificate" or " Certificate not on phone or SIM‎".

So What You Do ?
Start with download these applications :

Install program and run. goto Tools > Oxygen Connection Wizard> Select phone model > connect.

if connection done goto menu"Section > File Browser"Extract certificate from All nokia S40_Security 

select all files and drag to the folder "C:\Hidden folder\certificates\user ". thats all.
Then Double Click On Them To Activate Them
Then disconnect phone and reboot.

Hack Nokia s40 Security!! Run Java Apps not to ask about Permissions

How To Change Fonts In Java Mobiles

1.andriod,win7 and symbian anna icon pack download icon pack


3.PPM MOD and PPM editor(anim) PPM MOD latest version

4.all tutorials in one 1.multitasking in S40 hack, 2.flashing with JAF, home screen activationDOWNLOAD TUTORIALS

5.just another flasher J.A.F download download from here


To change your phones fonts do the following steps 

1.get ttf font file for your phone and check you can read it properly in size 12 and 18 if yes then only seclect it other wise you will not be able to read it in the phone PPM MOD and open your ppm file from it then there will be a fold ppm open it 
3.expand VFNT and then do as given in the photo ppm and flash the phone with it.

 Method to Remove auto Sms Sending Of Java Applications

This is to remove sms sending from those apps or games which send sms to numbers in order to activate.Which Is Costly .But Can Now Be Free
  • Download the attached file.
  • Using MiniCommander, extract your MIDlet "app/game" to a sub folder.
  • Using ByteCode Editor, search for this code:
    1. javax/microedition/io/Connector
    Copy the Code
  • A few .CLASS files will pop up, now open it one by one > Constant pool > Press "7" > Replace:
    1. javax/microedition/io/Connector
    Copy the Code
    1. lavax/microedition/io/Connector
    Copy the Code
    then press OK. do the same with the rest of .CLASS files that poped up after searching.
  • Extract lavax folder from the attached file to the sub folder where you have extracted your MIDlet.
  • Pack all files using MiniCommander together, thereafter, install your modified MIDlet and Enjoy.   
Atteched Files:

Editing Icons and Contents

Changing Logo and icons:

To change any image in an application, just replace the corresponding image with another image with same name with the help of MiniCommander. Note that the resolution should be same.

Translating and editing:

First extract the class file you want to edit or translate using MiniCommander. Then to edit strings in it, open it with Class Editor. You will see many boxes and text. You can deassemble them with Class Editor. You can also edit text strings, symbols, hex values with it. If you want to edit only the text strings, or want to translate, you can use the Class Translator. When you open a class file with it, it'll extract all text strings. Now you can easily edit and translate them. Now after making necessary changes, save it. Then add it to the archive with MiniCommander. Previous class file will be replaced with newer one. Now rename the archive to _jar with MiniCommander. Then with your phone, rename it to .jar to install.


  1. Great this links I have make the whats up download for my nokia but I was not able to install it. With this post I could.